Residential Protection

Protect your home the way it protects you. Our residential protection plan targets visible and non-visible issues in and around the home. Insects and rodents are not only an unwanted hassle, but can cause substantial damage to the structure and its belongings. Protecting and preventing against pests can not only ease your mind as a home owner, but it can also help to maintain the value and integrity of the building.

Headwaters Pest Control is a full service pest management company that keeps up to date with the best methods in the industry, while ensuring protection and prevention against all pest related issues. We customize your plan based on your specific needs and the necessary coverage for your circumstance. We start every service off with a full exterior inspection so that no problem goes unnoticed. You can count on Headwaters Pest Control to identify and eliminate all existing problems, as well as protect you and your home for the future. Don’t let problems build up and go unnoticed, get your coverage today.

Services Include:

  • Exterior and interior inspections
  • Exterior and interior rodent control
  • Exterior and interior insect control
  • Garden monitoring and eave treatments

Call or email to arrange for a no obligation inspection.

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