How does the process work?

Our Home Protection service works on a subscription basis. We guarantee coverage for up to an entire year. The service that one of our licensed technicians will perform will depend on the time of year. However the process is quite simple! Wether you are dealing with a current issue or would like the peace of mind that comes along with the service, we have you covered.

Spring and summer

As you could have guessed, the most prominent pests in spring in summer are insects! Our service provides a preventative approach to stop insect problems from starting in the first place. The secret is in the process!

The process of getting rid of ants

Covered pests include:

  • Any Crawling or flying insect

Services performed:

  • Perimeter spray – Applied around the base of the structure to stop crawling insects from entering.
  • Foliage spray– Applied to shrubbery to reduce mosquito populations in the surrounding property.
  • Eves treatment– Prohibits yellow jackets from nesting on the soffits.
  • Garden treatment– Insect stations placed in flower beds to prevent nesting in flower beds.
  • In wall flush out– Injected through cracks and crevices to kill insects nesting in the wall voids

Fall and Winter

As temperatures begin to drop the risk of rodents entering the home increases dramatically. Using a combination of different approaches we are able to ensure rodents will not become an issue over the colder parts of the year.

The process of getting rid of mice.

Covered pests include:

  • Mice, Rats, voles, Moles etc.

Services Performed:

  • Interior mouse stations – Placed in the typical nesting areas inside the home.
  • Exterior rodent stations – Placed around the exterior of the building for larger rodents.
  • Exclusionary work – To physically block possible entry points rodents can access.

To arrange for your free inspection and quote feel free to message us through the Contact Us page, or call us directly. For tips regarding what you can do as a home owner please follow the link below.

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